Saturday, May 25, 2013

"One Life to Live" looks sharp, if tame, on Hulu

I tried an episode of the resurrected soap “One Life to Live”, specifically, Chapter 4  Part 2, Episode 18, since the show returned to Hulu for free viewing online (with commercials).  I watched it on a large Toshiba satellite laptop on Windows 8, and found it easy to use, easy to stop and back up in 10 second increments.

 The Hulu player is more user friendly that ABC’s or NBC’s.  I don’t have Internet TV set up on the Plasma with the wireless router;  I know that I should.   

The basic Hulu link is here.

The show is presented in half-hour (really about 24 minute) segments. I think it’s being taped about twice a week.

The trend in soap opera may be less frequent episodes and more willingness to venture into unconventional areas.
Nevertheless, this episode seemed rather sunny and tame, compared to “Days” and even compared to what I recall about “One Life” from its network days.  In the past, there have been out-of-body experiences and time travel.  There was a female author who wrote a murder mystery, and then the murders in her novel started to really happen (this was around 2005).

Right now, the controversy seems to be a local newspaper in Lianview, the Banner.  The female owner has borrowed money form an investor who wants to be much more aggressive with new technology, and the owner is concerned about preserving old fashioned journalism jobs. There is a mention of political proposals for journalist-shield laws. 
This is one of those soaps where it seems no men have chest hair in the gym, and everybody is stereotyped and buff.  There’s a girl engaged in some risky Internet chat, which looked like it was based on decade-old technology.  There’s sharp-looking teenager Jack Manning (Andrew Trischitta) who appears to resent a relationship with a stepfather. 

I don’t see any remnants of John McBain (Michael Easton) who seems to have moved to “General Hospital” and taken his storylines with him.  

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