Sunday, May 12, 2013

Revenge: Season 2 Finale: Plenty of conspiracy theories, and let's hope Marvel makes Nolan one of its hero characters

Wow, there was enough for a “comic book movie” in the season finale  (“Truth: Part II”) for ABC’s Revenge, which will resume in the fall. The season finale was rather like a Griffon, or maybe a Loch Ness Monster. 
If you’re on the West Coast, it may not have aired yet.  So wait a couple hours before reading  this if you want.  But the word is out on all the imdb message boards as to what happened (and imdb got very slow as the episode ended).   
It started when it appeared that Nolan could fix the power failure (end of last week’s episode). Hackers from Bahrain and Tunisia had caused it.  Noaln was turning out to be the new kind of comic book superman – a gay geek superman. Wonderful.
But then the plot twists accumulate. Grayson is running for governor and his building gets hit by a pipe bomb.  Nolan tracks down an international assassin by hacking. The assassin is arrested, but is suddenly freed and Nolan is raided (right at his own Nolocorp) and hauled off by the fibbies
Declan is injured in the bombing, and doesn’t look that bad off, but it seems like some shrapnel is lodged in his aorta.  Nolan has been genuinely  grieved (before his own arrest).
Dear old Dad is giving his victory speech.  It isn’t too hard to see how he could have engineered it all. 
The episode, indirectly, really does support 9/11 “conspiracy theories”, and shows how a lot of contractors can get rich after a major terrorist attack.  The whole conclusion of this season does seem a bit cynical.

I hope Nolan is back and out of jail in the fall – he deserves to make it in the world of Marvel.  

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