Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Rookie Blue": Gregory Smith (Ephram from "Everwood") as a nerdy cop

Tonight, I sampled  the Canadian police series “Rookie Blue” onABC “for the first time”, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gregory Smith (the piano prodigy Ephram in “Everwood”) plays the role of Dov Epstein.  He still seems nerdy (and the character has tried to make himself a Renaissance man out of a sickly childhood) but most energetic.  You expect him to walk to a piano and start playing a Chopin Ballade.
Toward the end of the Season 4 episode (“Homecoming”) tonight, he meets his girl friend in a bar, and she strips him in a stall – a scene that expands on the way “Kids in America” (2005) ends. 
The episode itself was brutal, with a point-blank shooting in a bank robbery and later targeted hostage taking with shotguns in a hospital.  This sort of extreme violence isn’t something I would expect to see in Toronto, the setting, as the city seems a lot more civilized than most places in the US, at least to me (although I was last there in 1982). 
It was interesting to note that the series in produced with the participation of IFC and E-One, companies normally associated with smaller, independent film. 
ABC has a site with all the episodes here

I met Gregory at the King of Prussia Mall, near Philadelphia, at an event for “Everwood” (with Chris Pratt, also in “The O.C.”, and “Zero Dark Thirty”), in August 2005. 

Last picture: autographed picture from Everwood signing (I was called "EFF", because I wore an Electronic Frontier Foundation black T-shirt to the event  -- we talked a little about COPA and DADT).  It does look weird placed on a model ralroad layout under development, and next to a vertical tower scroll of the "Bill of Rights".  

Wikipedia attribution link for view of Toronto from CN tower. 

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