Sunday, June 09, 2013

CNN: Piers Morgan interviews Joshua Cooke on the effect of "The Matrix" on his mind before his crimes

On Friday, June 7, Piers Morgan interviews Joshua Cooke, in prison for killing his parents.  The interest point in the interview was the influence of violent video games and possibly television shows and movies on an unstable person, even a young adult.  Cooke explains in this video how his thinking was influenced by “The Matrix” trilogy of movies. Cooke was surprisingly articulate and remorseful (having been treated for mental illness).

The link for the video is here.  CNN videos seem to no longer offer embeds.  Cooke says he watched a VHS tape of the movies so often that it wore out and that some of the tapes had to be replaced.
I have to be candid about this. I do recall being a bit traumatized by televised violence as a kid.  I remember a Saturday morning series, “Movies for Kids”, with a serial feature called “The Clutching Hand”, made in the 1940s, and I was rather scared – and tantalized – by it. 

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