Friday, June 07, 2013

NBC "Hannibal" episode "Roti" offers the ultimate strip game

NBC’s “Hannibal” episode last night, “Roti” (directed by Guillermo Navarro, based on a concept and story by Bryan Fuller) certainly pandered to the morbid and the ideas of desecration.
In this setting, the agents travel to (Charm City) Baltimore (where else? – they need the Orioles) to track down escaped mental patients (MP’s), who were psychiatrists themselves – a  Gideon (Eddie Izzard) and a Chesapeake Bay Killer, which all sounds silly to people who live within forty miles of the Bay Bridge (which I do).  But this episode was not the best for the Free State of Maryland (neither was the movie with Anthony Hopkins).   The “killer” gets a hold of “Chilton” (Raul Espzarza, no relation to the Dallas companyu for which I worked) and Chilton definitely “gets it”. It’s one thing to have your shirt undone and removed in bar;  it’s another thing to be put down on an operating table, and have your internal organs removed while you are alive – vivisection, on camera. 

As Will Graham, Hugh Dancy proves the double side of Asperger’s.  Socially reticent, he can see people in his meditations and dreams – in glacier-splitting sequences that remind one of Christopher Nolan’s effects in the film “Inception”.   Graham seems to be incredibly gifted, in a way not so unlike Mark Zuckerberg – and without his personality “distance” the latter would not be a multi-billionaire.  There is something double-edged about the whole idea of socialization.  People who are less socialized may not pay their dues, but outrun others, upon whom they have depended.  Except that Will Graham, here, really does pay his dues. He is so likeable.

By the way, no “Rookie Blue” last night because of basketball on ABC.  Maybe just as well. 
Pictures: Mine, NW Va mill, then Annapolis MD

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