Tuesday, June 04, 2013

NBC's "Revolution" comes to an underwhelming close (but it will be back next fall)

Finally, the long premier season, filled with doomsday prepper militia battles, of “Revolution” came to a conclusion June 3.  The title of the episode was Toilkenesque, “The Dark Tower”.

Rachel and Zak and company get in to the control center and call the general Monroe’s bluff.  With some crafty Unix shell programming, Zak gets the light turned back on for the whole world. A commercial came on just after Zak pressed Enter on the console keyboard. 

Four quadrillion nanobots die.  There was a rumor they were going to destroy the world literally anyway.
No matter, most equipment wouldn’t work after lying dormant for fifteen years.  And urban downtowns would look much worse than they do in the finale (like they did in the Pilot).

There’s a lightning storm, but the world doesn’t catch fire or come to an end.  The Earth does not become Melancholia.

There's also a curious homoerotic reference between Miles and his brother.  


But Monroe launches ICBM’s at Atlanta and Philadelphia.  And we find out that the original president of the United States was holed up at Guantanamo.      

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