Thursday, July 18, 2013

AC360 interviews Trayvon Martin's parents; discussion of racial profiling

Anderson Cooper interviewed the parents of Trayvon Martin on his AC360 program on CNN Thursday night, July 18.
The mother explained that they as a couple stayed away when the verdict was read, because they wouldn’t be allowed to show any emotion and they did not want to aggravate any other emotions by being there.
The mother also said that she thought that the jury did not understand the encounter from a teenager’s or a child’s perspective (although he was 17).  She thinks everyone looks at this from an “adult’s perspective”, especially someone who is not a parent.
There are also a lot of comments that many (non-minority) people have no concept of what it I like to be “profiled” by law enforcement.  I can recall one time in 1979 stopping in a rental car at a police check point north of the Texas-Mexico border and being waved on because I am obviously white.

Voice of America on racial profiling:

The father said that he thought that the juror (37) who had spoken to AC360 had her mind made up when the trial began.

Anderson commented on an idea that he says is “stunning”:  parents telling African-American teen boys what speed they should walk in order not to look suspicious.

As far a profiling by non-police, it seems as though there would not be much of a problem from people who do not carry weapons in public.  

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