Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CBS "Criminal Minds" seems like genre police procedure drama, even if popular

The CBS show, “Criminal Minds” (created by Jeff Davis, started in 2005) may fit the genre of police “procedural” dramas, but is different in that it profiles an unknown subject, trying to predict what he or she may do next.  (The concept is perhaps a little bit of an extrapolation of movies like “Seven”.)   The characters are based in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) lab in Quantico, Virginia.  (This differs from the "Minority Report" concept because the suspect is unknown.) 

I sampled an episode originally aired Oct. 31, 2012, called “The Good Earth”, set in Oregon. It hardly does credit to the famous author Pearl Buck.  Four men have disappeared, including one single man who had apparently recovered from Hodgkin’s  Disease (with its trying cycle of chemotherapy) and had hired a female health trainer.  You can guess it – a female villain.  Having lost a husband and then suffered a bizarre disease herself (schleroderma) which she still imagines she has (even though doctors reassure her she is in remission)  She seems to be looking for the ultimate seed for her daughter, although not much of it makes any sense.
CBS has an episode summary here

I still like series that have an ongoing mystery, rather than variations on the same theme weekly

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