Monday, July 01, 2013

CNN: "Crimes of the Century" leads off with Malvo, Lennon cases

CNN aired at least two of its “Crimes of the Century” series Sunday night, June 30.

The basic link with videos is here. The series is produced in part by Ridley Scott. 

The leadoff episode concerned the October, 2002 sniper episodes, in the Washington DC suburbs, going down almost to Richmond, VA. This was the case of John Allen Mohammed and Lee Malvo, who were eventually arrested at a rest stop on South Mountain on I-70 in Maryland.  Mohammed received the death penalty from a trial in Virginia Beach  in 2003 and was executed in 2006.  Malvo is serving life without parole.  Wikipedia offers some theories about the “motives” which are gruesome, but the CNN documentary remained rather non-committal as to speculation.

There was a night in 2002 when almost all traffic on I-95 from Richmond to Washington (100 miles) was stopped for the manhunt.  This was the most serious disruption of public movement that had ever occurred before the Boston Marathon lockdown. 

The next episode concerned the killing of John Lennon outside a luxury apartment building in New York City in December, 1980, by David Chapman, who is interviewed from prison in the documentary. Chapman discusses his mental illness quite candidly.  He says the was giving orders to imaginary little people in his head.  He had a fascination and resentment of celebrity which resembles that of John Hinckley who tried to kill President Reagan in 1981 because of his fascination with Jodie Foster.  Chapman was married, and had worked odd jobs in Hawaii, flying a couple times to NYC, even stopping in Atlanta to buy ammo.  The case would fit into the gun control debate today. 


Lennon was emotionally paralyzed by his own act and waited calmly for police to arrest him right after the shooting.  

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