Monday, July 22, 2013

CNN: "The Royal Baby"

Sunday night CNN aired the special “The Royal Baby”, giving a complete history of the 10+ year relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton, leading to the April 29, 2011 wedding and now the baby, due any time.  The link for the coverage is here
Kate’s pregnancy had attracted a lot of attention in late 2012 because of her severe morning sickness.  A prank played by a radio station in Australia led to a suicide and the end of a career.  The possibility of severe medical issues with any pregnancy does reinforce some old-fashioned notions about division of gender roles – for everybody.  But a century ago, pregnancy was much more dangerous for all women.

The CNN documentary gave a lot of details about Kate’s upbringing, including some teasing and bullying that led her parents, who had been successful with an Internet business (“Party Pieces”, link /), to put her in a private school.  She became popular and a good student but had a slightly “wild side”. 

How much attention should the media and the public give to "privileged lives".  At least William and Kate have paid their dues as individuals.  

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