Sunday, July 28, 2013

Morgan Spurlock as "Inside Man" tries his hand as a migrant farmer, picking oranges for piecework pay

On Saturday night, July 27, CNN reran a critical episode of Morgan Spurlock’s series “Inside Man”, as this time Morgan takes a job as an orange picker (or “migrant farmer”) in a grove in Florida, trying to find out why the citrus industry is so dependent on low-wage and only partially legal immigrant labor.
Morgan quickly learns he is paid for piecework, and is only able to pick enough fruit to make about $28 his first day.  And he is taller than most of the natives from Mexico and Latin America.
Morgan could not earn the minimum wage at the piecework rate.  But Americans depend on work that is done this way; or at least citrus product prices are artificially low because of this dependence.  Imagine what the far Left can say about this. It's bad karma. 

The basic link for the episode is here

Morgan picks a thorn out of his bald leg (he hadn’t known that orange trees even have thorns), and visits the housing of the Latinos, which hardly seems legal. It must be off the books.
In 1986, I visited the town of Belle Glade, FL (at the time, a small focus of the AIDS epidemic) in a rent car, on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, which is in the heart of sugar cane country, and which also would have immigrant labor issues.  I was chased out of town by a mystery car.
I’ve been in the orange country around Orlando a few times, as in 1973 and 1983. 

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