Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NBC kicks off quasi-reality show "Siberia": Is this real?

Monday night, July 1, NBC carted out its season premier of its summer “reality show”, called “Siberia,”  by Matthew Arnold, with a Pilot.

Sixteen young adults (men and women) are placed in the wilderness and whoever survives the coming winter will split a share of $500000.  Is this really Siberia?  The scenery in high definition is stunning. (But “go big or go home”).  The host (Australian Jonathan Buckey) suggests to the contestants that they’re near the site of the 1908 Tunguska asteroid strike over Siberia.  “This village will be your home as long as you can bear it.” 

The first day, the contestants have to make it to a wooden cabin through the woods.  The last two to make it are eliminated.  Daniel (Daniel Sutton, from Minnesota) is slightly injured, but makes it with the help of another contestant.

The people have to hunt for food in the woods, and know how to identify edible mushrooms.  They bunk in close quarters in the hut.  At night, there are scary sounds.

The tragedy strikes one of the other male contestants.  Is this really a reality show, or something else?
The site for the series is here.

This seems like a nebulous concept for a reality show.  I wouldn’t do it. 

Wikipedia attribution link for topographical map of Siberia. 

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