Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Sea Rescue" on ABC covers a prosthetic tail for a dolphin, useful for people with artificial limbs?

On Saturday morning, WJLA in Washington has been broadcasting episodes of ABCs “Sea Rescue” (30 minutes), and this morning the report concerned rescuing a dolphin that had lost her tail.  It was fitting the morning I was unable to get tickets to sold out showings of “Blackfish”.

Sea World has a  “Sea Inside” story about the show here

Surgeons developed a prosthetic tail, and a glue was developed that also will be used in human prostheses.
David Hoye has a story on Huffington about the dolphin with the prosthetic tail (in Clearwater FL)  here.

Apparently this story became the subject of “A Dolphin Tale” which I have not seen. 

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