Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Are Unions Still Necessary": Morgan Spurlock begs the question in his "Inside Man" series on CNN, from on high

Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man” on Sunday Aug. 26, begged the question, “Are Unions Still Necessary?” main CNN link here.

This time, Spurlock didn’t “grab a hammer” and join in and have to do a real job like everybody else;  he gawked at bit, unusual for him.  But he gave an excellent history of how the US Labor Movement got started. In the late 19th century, companies locked the doors and treated workers like slaves.  It happens today in the third world.

Spurlock covered job actions (short of full strikes) at Wal-Mart. Some consumers said, “if they don’t like not having living wages or benefits, just find an employer who offers one.”  It’s a free market.  Like they missed the entire point.

Still, unions can become another abusive power center, setting up union shops, demanding dues as a price of a job and controlling worker speech.  A labor leader said “an individual by himself is nothing”.  Like one of Ayn Rand’s “villains”. 

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