Sunday, August 25, 2013

CNN: Fareed Zakaria interviews Sara Blakely of Spanx: advice to entrepreneurs

Sunday, on CNN, Fareed Zakaria interviewed Sara Blakely, entrepreneur, and inventor of new styles of women’s undergarments.  The basic link and video is here

Although her product is not the most important in my world, her process of getting there was quite interesting.  She actually sold fax machines “door to door” while she worked on her dream.  She says she had to hire a lot of help for the patent part of it, which would be tricky because today there is such a problem with “patent trolls”.  She did the trademark part herself, inventing the spelling of her wordmark, “Spanx” at the last moment.

But the most interesting part of her story may have been the way she “got in” to Neiman Marcus, and flew to Dallas to give a 10-minute presentation.  She says she was so nervous that the threw up in the ladies’ room.  But she got the business.
She did focus on what consumers or real people want.  That may be part of the moral of her story.

American Express offers the video of her tips, above.  “Wait to tell friends and family.”

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