Sunday, September 01, 2013

ABC "Secret Millionaire" helps the refugees from the BP oil spill on the Alabama coast; why hasn't BP been held more accountable?

ABC resumed “Secret Millionaire” on Sunday September 1, 2013, with an episode that seemed to put more emphasis on giving time, mixing with real people and doing grunt work than did previous episodes.

Wing Lam, cofounder of Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Newport Beach CA (with restaurant chain),  settles secretly for a week in Mobile AL, living in a rundown mobile home, and looks like a “hippy” with long hair.  I didn’t know that Mobile has office towers that resemble Cleveland’s.  Mobile’s Gulf coastal economy is still in tatters from the BP oil spill in April 2010.  It sounds as though residents and small businesses each got only $5000 as a settlement for their lost income, which could hardly recover them.
Lam volunteers at a homeless shelter, packing food, and then for a fisherman and clammer, stringing nets

ABC offers a “Get Involved” link at the show site, and I don’t recall seeing before.  I don’t have spare hours to give away to organizations and groups randomly like this; anything I do has to “help the pieces fit.”  The link is here. I wrote about this on the main “BillBoushka” blog Aug. 25, 2013. 
Lam makes the comment that the line between rich and poor is narrower and more a matter of luck than insular people (typical everywhere in cities and suburbs, with the "winners" and "losers" mentality) want to admit. 

But why hasn’t BP been forced to make the community whole?  Really, why should this be up to volunteers who "grab a hammer"?  Why wasn't BP (and "Tony") forced to make the people completely whole before "charity" was called for? The "System" failed these people, so it becomes up to us individually.
Remember Tony Heyward, and “I want my life back”?  So do these people. 
At the end, he does a $50000 donation to the homeless shelter, some to the fisherman, and some to people to build new homes.

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