Sunday, September 29, 2013

ABC's "Betrayal" seems like derivative prime-time soap opera; "Revenge" restarts with Nolan making a grand entrance, but somebody shoots Emily

ABC kicked off a new series tonight, “Betrayal”, with a Pilot directed by Patty Jenkins. 

The series, set in Chicago, is said to be based on a Dutch series with a similar precept, but it sounds a little less exciting than the “Dragon Tattoo” series.  A beautiful photographer Sara Hadley (Hannah Ware) has an affair with Drew McAlister (a powerful family lawyer of the soap opera variety).  She’s married to a prosecutor, Drew (Chris Johnson), young and handsome enough, so you wonder why the affair.  Maybe all this is because this soap-like series is new, so there hasn’t been time to get used to quirky characters (like on “Days”).  The family patriarch is Thatcher Karsten (James Cromwell), who is the ABC series’s equivalent of a “Stefano”.  Tatcher has a disabled son TJ (Henry Thomas), who is thought to be dimwitted because of a tragic accident but who desperately wants to prove himself worthy, as shown in a touching scene with this dad. Dad says to his son "Accept your limitations" after TJ offered to "keep him company."
ABC’s site is here. The series is supposed to run only 13 episodes.


ABC’s “Revenge” kicked off Sunday night at 9 PM EDT with “Fear”, where Emily is shot in the stomach in the first minute.  The rest of the episode is flashback, going back to a Memorial Day weekend party, where Nolan flies in on a personal (literally) flying-man jet.  Nolan has apparently been released by the FBI after his arrest at the end of the previous season right after the power blackout.  He looks as young as ever (the actor Gabriel Mann is 41 but looks like 28 here – it helps to be slender), and has become very much the bisexual Renaissance Man, a sort of Internet-age da Vinci.  

There was a curious incident where the elder Grayson collapses when speaking at the party (after Nolan's entrance) and is said to have Huntington's Disease/  I'm not sure this presentation was medically correct. 

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