Thursday, September 05, 2013

CNN: "Syria in Crisis: A Town Hall Special" with Chris Cuomo

On Thursday night, CNN aired “Syria in Crisis: A Town Hall Special” with Chris Cuomo subbing for Piers Morgan.

Cuomo mentions the president’s winning the Pulitzer Peace Prize in 2009, and suggests he has changed his direction.

The current crisis in Syria has developed quite quickly, starting in mid 2011.

Tony Blinken spoke about the intelligence from the White House.  Rumsfeld said, “If intelligence was a fact, it would be called a fact and not intelligence.”

CNN’s basic link is here.
Cuomo asked the panel about whether a “reasonable doubt” standard applies here.
Many speakers feel that the case has not been made that our own national security interests justify strikes.

But Cuomo mentioned Senator Diane Feinstein’s comment that she had been to the classified briefing and was much more receptive to the president’s arguments for “going in”. 

CNN’s National Security Analyst Townsend spoke. 

George Little, the Pentagon Press Secretary, spoke about the overwhelming evidence of Assad’s use of chemical weapons. I would hate to have to work as somebody else’s spokesperson.

Cuomo quizzed him on the inconsistency of Obama’s message, not wanting to toppl e the regime.

The audience poll did not support intervention.

A young woman asked why sarin or chemical weapons use constituted a red line when the US had used napalm and agent orange in Vietnam.

An attractive young man said who said he was from Syria said that he supported Assad, and that any regime change (which Obama says he does not want) would actually make life for most Syrians worse.  This was the most amazing moment of the show.   

Newt Gingrich also spoke an opposed intervention. 

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