Thursday, September 26, 2013

NBC "Revolution" starts Season II, without any convincing explanations for the blackout, except "duck and cover"

NBC resumed its series by JJ Abrams “Revolution” on September 26, with an episode titled “Born in the USA”.  The episode next week will be titled “There Will Be Blood”.  Both episode titles come from “notorious” but hard-hitting films.
The promos have been promising to answer “why”.  It seems that when the power came back on at the very end of Season 1, nuclear missiles were launched on several cities, including Atlanta and Philadelphia.  No more Braves and Phillies.
The power went out a few minutes after it came back on, and stayed out.  So are we to infer that the only reason was to prevent a nuclear attack that was to happen anyway? 
There are these robotic fireflies that decorate the air with fog sometimes, like in the popular song.
It seems that not much is left right now but the Plains Nation.
I don’t find an extended post-apocalyptic study of the politics of a “new world order” unless there is a much clearer connection to the old.  The show never has explained very well, “Why”.   I don’t think I would survive very long in such a world myself. 

Wikipedia attribution link for geography of the US after “Revolution” 

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