Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PBS Frontline: Egypt in Crisis

Tuesday night, PBS Frontline aired “Egypt in Crisis”, a one hour documentary, link here.   One impression that is apparent, is how quickly the political stakes change, and how rebels can put huge crowds in Cairo’s public spaces for any change in power.
The best place for a quick summary of history since Mubarak’s ouster is on Wikipedia, here.  What is striking is the way politicians and the military scheme to nullify constitutional procedures that would be respected in western countries.   The military is portrayed as having become like a large private company.  And Morsi’s desire to retry Mubarak’s supporters would prove provocative. 

Ultimately, revolution brought back more authoritarianism, which is so often the case, as Morsi and his forces sought to implement an Islamic state.
In the meantime, it’s not a good time to go see the Pyramids. 

Wikipedia attribution link, meeting between Kerry and Morsi, May 2013. 

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