Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Queen Latifah replaces Anderson Cooper on daytime TV (apparently)

In the DC area, the premier of Queen Latifah’s daytime show on ABC waited a day because of the news coverage of the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard Sept. 16. It appears that the Sept. 16 kickoff (with John Travolta) was not shown here.

So the opening here was with Will Smith.  But a lot of the show was a game of Jeopardy (so to speak) with Alex Trebek.  The link for the episode is (website url) here.

In some markets, Latifah replaces Anderson Cooper’s daytime show, which was stopped as of the end of the 2012-2013 season.  That show (“where the real conversation begins”) tended to focus on people with extreme problems, although sometimes it hit hard real issues, such as the setting up of “libel web sites”.  Cooper came out as openly gay about a year ago, and Hollywood Reporter has a glowing report here.  Right now, that leaves him with his AC360 show, which airs twice each weeknight, and special.  However, his contract with CNN as a news anchor ends this fall.  USA Today has a story here

In Washington DC, Queen Latifah airs on WJLA (ABC) as syndicated, but Hollywood Reporter shows it as having originated with CBS.

Cooper could turn some of his specials (like “Planet in Peril”) into documentary film for theaters, it seems to me.  

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