Monday, September 30, 2013

SNL introduces, tests "new cast members" but seems a little flat otherwise

Saturday Night Live started out as reasonably funny Sept. 28, with a mockery of government, although the humor seemed directed more at Obamacare itself than on the dysfunctional Congress, which has become downright dangerous. Perhaps a conservative to libertarian element has made its way into SNL comedy.

Tina Fey was the leadoff hitter, as if to play small ball, get on base, steal, draw infield errors.   Seth Meyers is not joined by Cecily Strong.  I thought that Seth could have hit “those Republicans” in the House a little harder (he did jab at Senator Cruz) but maybe he didn’t want to.

There are some new cast members, and the young men were asked to show up in their shorts for inspection (no cigarette smoking damage allowed, as the days of X-Files are over) and one of the guys “got it” in a skit quickly, unusual.  Justin Bieber, remember, narrowly escaped last year.  This was a Saturday night it was not necessary to go clubbing.

The link for the show is here

I was told in a restaurant in NYC in February that if you want tickets, you have to get in line at 30 Rock on a Saturday morning, first come first serve.  Come up on the train the day before.  Is that how it works? 

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