Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Steve Harvey lets women pick "America's Hottest Husband"; what women want may surprise a lot of (straight) men

Steve Harvey (on NBC in Washington at 2 PM weekdays) did a variation of the “who is the hottest” contest that started Facebook today, with his “America’s Hottest Husband” contest, link here

The four finalists were Tyler, Shaun, Brian, and Travis.  Brian’s wife said, “He knows how to please me in the bedroom.”  (That sounds like what Gabi wants on “Days of our Lives”, yesterday.)  Travis’s wife said that Travis, a nurse, was “the best dad possible” and that he fulfilled the mission to “Provide, Profess, and Protect”.  I’d have trouble with the last of these. 
The men, who came in “good clothes”, were then asked to show what they had, or didn’t have (well, except for one true thing).  At least the men could help themselves, and didn’t need their wives to “do them”.   I was a little surprised to see that “smooth” (or “thmooth”) rules in the heterosexual world.  Don’t women want men to look as different from women as possible?  I guess not.  My “buddies” back in the barracks at Ft. Eustin VA in 1969 should have gotten in a time machine to see this – most of all, “The Walrus”, and “Rado Suhl”. 

Steve Harvey could ask for the women’s point of view. What about swimmers and bikers?
Or try this one. YouTube can make any "trend" look widespread.  Ashton Kutcher had weighed in on this issue after he was forced to go baby for the film "The Killers" to match a stuntman. 
Steve Harvey’s show isn’t the only guilty party.  Billy Bush talked about his chest on Access Hollywood at the end of the show today.  Please don’t show us.
Back in the old days, September was the month for “tribunals”.  

Update: Sept. 13

Harvey had another show on what women want, which now includes shined shoes, ironed shirts, and sometimes bow ties/  I never knew that shoes matter. 

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