Wednesday, October 09, 2013

AC360 Later, and Piers Morgan take up "debt ceiling deniers" in GOP

It’s hard to get in to various series on network television, which are rather underwhelming, when right now CNN is focused on whether our way of life is on death row, waiting for an official reprieve from John Boehner.
CNN’s “AC360 Later” did spend some time on “debt ceiling deniers” in the extreme right of the GOP. 
David Walker said that the Treasury could definitely pay all the bond debt indefinitely based on receipts coming in, but it would not be able to pay everything else.  Maybe it could have incredibly mass layoffs in the federal government and contractors, and catch up on what it owes.  The notion that the federal government is not legally obliged to pay promised Social Security benefits (because of the Flemming v. Nestor decision) was not mentioned, but needs discussion, because it could have enormous consequences for retirees, especially those with some other wealth.

GOP Hispanic strategist Ana Navarro said that “the ice is starting to melt” and that the tone had changed, but there was dirt on everyone’s hands.
Jeffrey Toobin said that John Boehner has the power to end this by simply calling a clean vote.
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AC360 also discussed weakening performance of American students, which accounts for young adults who are poorly prepared for leadership, and may account for some of the intellectually weak performance of people in public office.  Navarro said that there were terrific kids in high schools and colleges, and some did come from low-income minority families, but it wasn’t consistent.
Earlier, Piers Morgan had promised a show on “debt ceiling denial” but covered it with only one interview involving Robert Reich.

A private charity has stepped up and advanced money to families of deceased combat veterans.  Should private charity have to do the job when Congress fails? 

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