Thursday, October 03, 2013

NBC "Revolution" episode "There Will Be Blood" explains the "Doomsday Prepper" mentality as a perverse idea of "freedom"

NBC’s “Revolution” episode Wednesday night (“There Will Be Blood”, as if named after the Paul Thomas Anderson film) contained a particularly disturbing partial explanation of the blackout fifteen years before. A particular character says that the FBI was on the way to his home to arrest him for information it had sifted about his Internet activity off his computer (sounds like the Snowden scandal).  But the Blackout happened, and there were no more computers. The character said he could, in the countryside, do anything he wanted, as long as he had the guns to protect himself and his family. This was his idea of “freedom”. Sound familiar, like Doomsday Prepper talk and the most extreme NRA factions?

This also sounds like a feudal world with no central authority, with only rich and powerful families in local control, like warlords. 

It’s a bit scary, because the anarchism coming from some parts of the Tea Party sound like this is what they want.  Some kind of purification, followed by a new world order, with luxury and freedom for only the privileged few, and a heavy practice of family and tribal, and perhaps religious, authority.

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