Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Piers Morgan interviews Jesse Ventura about JFK;; "AC360 Later" continues shutdown reporting

CNN’ Piers Morgan had a townhall on the shutdown, but the most interesting part of his show was the appearance of Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, who pushed his book giving a conspiracy theory on the Kennedy Assassination, “The Killed Our President”.  The main suspect, the military industrial complex, that didn’t want Kennedy to end the Cold War and pull out of Vietnam.  Hence we had a draft and 50,000 deaths. 

An earlier interview with Ventura:

Earlier, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma told Morgan that in previous shutdowns government employees had always received retroactive pay/ 

The Washington Times is reporting that Piers Morgan may go off Prime Time soon, link 

Drew Pinsky, Rick Lazio, Ros Louthait, Charles Blow, and Tina Brown made up the panel on “AC360 Later”, where Anderson has broken he habit of repeating his 8 PM CNN show at 10 PM.  There was a lot of discussion of why President Obama has been on the sidelines.  Answer, you don’t interrupt the opposition when making a mistake.

The panel said that Boehner won’t send a reasonable CR back to the full house even though it would pass, because doing so would cost him his speakership.  But they provided a scenario where he could talk himself out of political trouble on the debt ceiling in two weeks on a smaller issue, like the medical device tax, letting him say that he got a concession on the ceiling, whereas Obama can say it was just for reopening the government.

Anderson reported on how Jimmy Kinnel quizzed citizens on whether they preferred Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, not realizing that they are the same.

Kimmel asked if Obamacare would lead to gun prohibition, and people said yes.  The people acted dumb.  Was this an act?  

Later, AC360 covered the fact that HIV infection is creeping back up in young gay men, especially minorities, and health insurance is obviously relevant to being able to pay for the modern medications.  

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