Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Revolution" gives its ex-geek the powers of telekinesis, with destruction

Many of the episodes of “Revolution” are based on movies, and on Oct. 16, played right during a Senate vote designed to prevent a doomsday, it aired “Patriot Games”.

Toward the end, there is a shocking revelation of the “technology” of the blackout. While former software engineer Aaron (Zak Orth) is sleeping and dreaming in rem sleep, he energizes a stream of firefly nanoparticles (like in the song) to set two men on fire in a critical scene. 
The idea of “powers” is not so new (Smallville), but the idea of telepathy or telekinesis from dreams is certainly provocative.  Who needs the Internet if mind powers work?
If one dreams about an erotic encounter with another person, does that other person know?

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