Tuesday, October 08, 2013

"Scandal" resumes, and creates viewing parties; it seems way off track as to what's really going on

I heard about viewing parties for ABC’s “Scandal” last Thursday when I was at HRC’s building party.  I tried the Season 3 premiere (“It’s Handled”) tonight at the ABC site (it’s a little bit confusing, but it’s here 

The idea of protecting the “online reputation” as well as real world view of public figures is an interesting career choice for a single girl Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). 

So, the president (Tony Goldwyn) has a mistress, and idea that makes this series like a retelling of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.  Olivia is seen leaving the “Pad” and so she gets fingered as a possible mistress, but she gets cleared of suspicion quickly.  It seems that in this show gay tricks can get drugged, but they don’t look like the slim guys showing off at the Town Disco. 

Living "on the outside", she seems to miss her prior access to the White House, and throws a tantrum at least once. 
There are plenty of other subplots, about a middle aged gay staffer and his mom who will do everything for the Lord, or pretend that.   The first lady wants a “real job”, and tosses around the idea of running the CIA as if it were trivial.

The show seems to trivialize the real issues, which right now, with the debt issue, are rather threatening to most individual Americans. 

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