Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AC360 reports from the typhoon ravaged Tacloban, Philippines; how do journalists live in disaster zones?

Tuesday night, November 12, 2013 Anderson Cooper conducted a detailed broadcast from Tacloban City, on the east side of the Philippines, on his AC360 Later program, showing all the devastation. I wondered how journalists take care of their own creature comfort needs when traveling in disaster areas, which Cooper has done throughout his career.  The link for the broadcast is here
Cooper was in East Texas, wading in a flood from Hurricane Rita on September 14, 2008, one day before the Financial Crisis of 2008 would break loose. 
One visitor was critical of journalists and bloggers who report but don’t actually work, challenging both me and Anderson to “grab a hammer” in a comment to a posting about Hurricane Katrina here Aug. 29, 2007.
Nancy Snyderman of NBC visited the nearby town of even more devastated, as she reported on civilian doctors who had volunteered to come from Mexico through Hong Kong, and were brought by C130 transport.  The atmosphere seems like “survival of the fittest” as a Marine general said “we have a week” to save most of the lives.  

Update: Nov. 15

CNN and AC360 continue coverage, with one incident where a woman worked a respirator by hand for her husband because the hospital in Tacloban did not yet have power.

Friday, Anderson answered critics about his coverage, from Korina Sanchez and Benigo Aquino, who maintained was "political", link here. He was accused to saying that the Filipino government had not shown up when in fact he had not said that.

Anderson has also recently commented on Alec Baldwin's anti-gay slurs, according to a USA Today story here. Baldwin should be ashamed; such comments don't cut it anymore. Apparently MSNBC suspended Baldwin for two weeks, ABC story here.

CNN also covered Matt Damon's recent work on clean water in Africa, with another interview today.

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