Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BBC: "Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure", with Fiona Bruce, airs on PBS

PBS (WETA 26) in Washington DC aired a 2011 50 minute documentary, “Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure”, in which Fiona Bruce visited the cities in which Leonardo Da Vinci worked (mostly Florence and Milan) and presented the attempts to restore some of his old paintings.
Bruce did go into the stories that Da Vinci was homosexual, and was  arrested on a handwritten tip once in Florence (the charges would be dropped).  Later he had a lifelong companion.  Some of his art work showed an aesthetic interest in the male face, hair, dress, and swagger.
The film originally was produced by the BBC, link here

In 2005, the History Channel had offered two films, “Da Vinci and the Code He Lived By” (120 min) and “Understanding the Da Vinci Code”,  which accompanied Dan Brown’s book and high-profile film from Columbia in 2007, “The Da Vinci Code”. 
Leonardo Da Vinci and Alan Turing seem to be among the most important gay male historical figures, when it comes to technological innovation.  Da Vinci did see himself as a “renaissance man”.

Wikipedia attribution link for Da Vinci’s “The Virtuous Man”. 

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