Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Blacklist": Anslo Garrick sets up another villain to "lose it"

I may not have followed all the intricacies of “The Blacklist”, but last night’s “torture porn” episode looked like something right out of the “Saw” or “Hostel” series. 
Red (James Spader) winds up locked up inside (deeply) some black ops facility with a nemesis Ressler (Diego Kalttenhoff), who has gotten a really awful gunshot wound in the femur, maybe more than one.  All of this has been setup with the help of another villain on the blacklist, Anslo Garrick (the episode is called “Anslo Garrick Part I”, played by Ritchie Coster.  There is all this talk about “hearing your screams”, but soon Red is performing hi sown surgery on Diego. He transfuses some of his own HIV-negative blood (it’s like a battlefield transfusion), and then treats the gross wound with various caustic chemicals and cauterizing irons to destroy the infection.  Diego looks young enough to be in summer, maybe in his 20s still (the actor is 34), but his leg will become an old man’s after this episode.  Too bad that he had to lose it.
On my “cf” blog (diisasters) I covered a couple of other episodes (the subway threat, and the financial system collapse with counterfeit Monopoly money).
Apparently the Fall Finale happens Monday December 2.

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