Thursday, November 28, 2013

Celebrities volunteer to serve the homeless at Los Angeles mission; "Days of our Lives" and screenwriting classes

On Thanksgiving afternoon, CNN and CBS are reporting that celebrities are cooking and serving meals for the homeless on skid row at the “Mission” in south Los Angeles.  Dick Van Dyke was reported to be present. Bella Thorne, NeaL Patrick Harris, Blair Underwood and Ryan Beatty were also present. The CBS video link is here (the embed doesn't work). 

Celebrity chec Ben Ford has this video.
The Atlantic Wire reports that’s Thanksgiving Day is flush with volunteers, especially since volunteering provides photo ops and more roles; the real need is for the rest of the year, story here

“Days of our Lives” is off Thursday (for a Dog Show) and Friday (for a hockey game on Black Friday), but the episodes this week show how screenwriters teach the design of cliffhangers.  Gabi hits Nick on the head after he suddenly attacks her in the woods after she challenges him about arranging a phony modeling job in New York that would take her away from Will and Sonny and the baby.  Sami and “Hurricane Katrina” stumble on her, and arrange to dispose of Nick’s body, but as they dump him into the river, Nick comes to life and swims away.  So now we know that Nick is out there, and Gabi, Sami and Kate will get caught.  Do we care about the characters?  The hook is still there for next week. Okay, Will and Sonny have become the heroes (Sonny – Freddie Smith – seems to be the most responsible male person in the soap – and his appearance can change, if you care to notice); but Nick used to be a likable character until they made him turn evil (almost do a psychotic Andrew Holmes personality change, which I’ve never seen happen in my own life).  There’s an interview with actor Blake Berris here

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