Sunday, November 24, 2013

History: "JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide" nixes the conspiracy theories

This weekend, the History Channel, as part of its 50th Anniversary commemoration, aired the “JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide”, a two hour documentary that summarized all the conspiracy theories.
The most popular theory with the public is that the act was engineered by the Mafia. The second most popular is that it was planned by the extreme right wing, the military industrial complex, and the CIA. The third is that was ordered by other elements of the US government, possibly by LBJ, but this would merge with the second theory. There are even some fringe theories that it was ordered to cover up UFO landings by aliens.
The documentary looked at the eyewitness accounts that insisted that there were more than three shots, but said that the echo chamber effect could have explained that observation. The idea that Kennedy would not have thrust back if a shot was fired from behind does not stand up to more careful analysis.  The “magic bullet” theory has regained more credibility than it used to have.
So we have a book by Jesse Ventura (Books blog, Nov. 7) giving many items of circumstantial evidence pointing to too many possible theories to be believed.  But most of them don’t stand up to really hard evidence
I think I have the Warren Commission summary around somewhere.  I haven’t looked at it in a long time.
The most testing moment may have been just as the event started.  It still seems incredible that security was so lax, and that Oswald could build a sniper’s nest in almost plain sight.   

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