Saturday, November 23, 2013

History: "Oswald: 48 Hours to Live" as part of "JFK: 50 Years Later" series

The History Channel has some episodes in its “JFK: 50 Years Later” series. 
The most detailed may be “Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live”.  Kennedy died at 1 PM on Nov. 22, and Oswald died officially at 1:07 PM Nov. 24.  The documentary (based on a book by Steven M. Gillon by the same name) traces the police interrogation of Oswald, and then the exact details of Jack Ruby’s shooting him Sunday shortly before noon as he was being transferred out of the Dallas city jail.
One detail that us particularly interesting is that one of Ruby’s workers had called and asked for money for rent, since Ruby had temporarily closed his clubs after the assassination.  He went over to Western Union to wire the money, and then walked into the police station.  He just happened to arrive at the right time to shoot Oswald.  Had the transfer taken longer, he would have missed the “opportunity” and Oswald would have lived to be tried for both the murders of J.D. Tippit and Kennedy. This idea contradicts the idea that Ruby was ordered to do a hit for the Mafia.
Ruby, however, did have to appease the Mafia, which controlled the “illegal” stripper’s “Union” to run his business. 
And why did Ruby put the pistol in his pocket before going to Western Union and then the police station.  Did he premeditate the idea that he might have an opportunity against Oswald? 

The documentary says that he expected to be lauded as a national hero rather than get a death sentence in a few months.  He would die of cancer. 

The film discusses the eyewitnesses to Tippit's shooting, including Helen Markham, Domingo Benavides and William Scoggins.   
The video link is here

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