Monday, November 11, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel's "joke" about people in China leads to protests, calls for ABC to fire him

Protestors have demonstrated at ABC studios in Burbank, Houston and Phoenix to demand the firing of Jimmy Kimmel for a skit on Oct. 16 offensive to Chinese.  Yahoo TV has a typical story here.   The comment was made by a “child” in response to how the US can repay its debt to China, a subject that came up with great seriousness in the recent debt ceiling debacle in Congress.
There is a “We the People” petition regarding Kimmel, which the White House says it can respond to when it reaches 100,000 signatures.  The link is here.  Ironically, the petitions facility had been suspended during the recent government shutdown.

Kimmel has reportedly apologized to protesters. 

Was this remark just hyperbole?  This sounds like joking about the title of a children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, which, if you think about it, could be taken as offensive.

I did not see the skit, although I often do watch Kimmel and typically enjoy his guests.  It seems as though it’s dangerous to perform as a stand-up comic now. 

The show comes from LA, and the site is here.  I don't see any mention of the fiasco on the site.

Update: Nov. 13, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel was examined for a makeover tonight, and he showed his bald leg, to brag about his "muscular calf".  How embarrassing.  Jimmy Kimmel has no shame. 

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