Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NBC "Revolution": the point is more mired in fantasy than we had thought

NBC’s “Revolution” was supposed to have its Fall Finale tonight and explain everything, in an episode called “Everyone Says I Love You.” 
What we learn is how Aaron (Zak Orth) controls nanites with his mind, by creating an imaginary playmate (Aidan Sussman) who becomes an “AI” being and does Aaron’s bidding at thought.  The boy has become a conscious being, but can be ordered to do Aaron’s bidding.  So at least the outlines of the “Revolution” take shape.  Radical interests apparently stole some of Aaron’s code, to create a world that they could control completely through the nanites, even through “telepathy”.  The concept is somewhat that of fantasy, as if one thought he could manipulate a world of desirable people merely through thought and fantasy.  On the other hand, “real people” have been forced back into a subsistence 19th Century existence, ruled by warlords, militia and doomsday preppers.  At least the steam engine trains reasonably well.   
Miles (Billy Burke) seems to have a flesh-eating bacteria destroying his arm, and Horn insists that Aaron use his powers to cure his brain tumor. 

The concept of “Revolution” seems to be more subtle than a lot of us had just thought.  It isn’t just a Luddite purification. Apparently there will be two more episodes in December.  

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