Friday, December 13, 2013

ABC 20-20 "All in the Family": adult kids, out of "loyalty to blood", join Dad's mini-mafia

The ABC 20-20 episode tonight, “All in the Family” surely was cynical enough. In Oregon, Scott Catt, a structural engineer, and Beth seemed to have the ideal family with son and daughter, Hayden and Abby. After Beth died of aggressive breast cancer, Scott lost his sense of morality and became reckless.  He abandoned his work, and desperate for easy money, started robbing banks, He never got caught in Oregon, but moved to Houston and involved his barely grown upper teen kids in multiple bank robberies. In time, they got caught.
Scott, his mother, and each kid tell the story to Matt Guttmann, mostly from prison. The kids say they were “led on” and did what they knew was wrong out of loyalty to “family”.  Guttman probed whether Scott would be willing to do more hard time in Texas prison so his kids could get lighter sentences, which would not be easy to pull off given Texas law that regards accomplices as equally guilty.  Scott had the gall to write his kids and ask the kids to do more time so he could do less.  Scott was very cool and unconcerned about his psychopathy.  The kids were remorseful.
The ABC link is here
What a perversion of “loyalty to blood”, even as expressed in an episode of “Jake 2.0”.   

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