Saturday, December 14, 2013

CNN: "Newtown: One Year Later"

Saturday night, December 14, 2013, Anderson Cooper hosted a special report “Honor the Children: Newtown: One Year Later”, with main link here
While the discussions with the parents of the children speak for themselves, the most significant part for other families around the country concerned the medical and ethical debate as to what should be done when medicine can find genetic or other biochemical markers that could predict future violent behavior.
The conservatives want “justice”, and the “liberals” fear invasion of medical privacy and tagging of people based on genetic markers that could certainly go in a very dangerous social and political direction.

There have been many criticisms of Congress for inaction on gun control, as has been debated heavily during the past year, especially on Piers Morgan on CNN.  But some voices call for big protests, such as willingness of baseball to cancel World Series games to make such a point.  I never “join in” on such extreme boycotts like this.  It’s important to remember that many incidents happen with weapons purchased legally, but not properly kept by parents in families.  It still seems incredible that Mrs. Lanza was showering her obviously troubled (an indulgent) son with weapons.  

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