Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Days": Sonny seems to melt (in more ways than one) around Will, after learning of Nick's demise from the "three witches"

Well, “Days of our Lives” is putting Will and Sonny center stage right now. 
First, I’ve read that Chandler Masssey will leave “Days” and be replaced by another actor, maybe in January, 2014. Not sure when.  Back around 2006, Jason Cook  was replaced by leather-like hunk Brandon Beemer as Shawn. But then Shawn and Belle were written out of the script suddenly, and awkwardly.

On Thursday and Friday, Sonny (Freddie Smith) was trapped “in the closet” of his apartment, with the three “girls” (Sami, Gabi, and Hurricane Katrina) there, texting Will.  He overheard the girls mention that they had killed Nick (Blake Berris) – that is, Gabi had knocked him out and then the girls dumped him in the river (somewhere in central Ohio).  It looked like Nick actually away, and Blake Berris’s tweets suggests he’ll be back in another shocker.

Sonny climbed out of the window of his apartment, and went to his pub, to tell Will, but then Sonny’s mother eavesdropped in time to stop him from telling.  So Will thinks it’s just about a surprise party.  Today, at the end of the episode, he said that to Sami – that Sonny was “in the closet”.  So Sami thinks Will knows about the second degree  “murder”. 
There was another oddity today (Tuesday).  Sonny can’t seem to keep his chest hair on, when in a critical intimate encounter with Will.  I see this sort of thing happened before, around Sept. 3.  But, in those closet scenes Friday and then in a nice hug-a-thon with Will Monday, Sonny looked so suave and masculine with that fur underneath his shirt.  But today, it had melted away.  Maybe that’s part of Will’s hold on Sonny  -- Will really does dominate Sonny, and it seems that means some occasional mandatory depilation.  There was a hint Monday if closely watched.  But for this to happen the next day, in the middle of a critical plot sequence!  Were these episodes taped along time ago, and maybe several days apart, or were we supposed to notice, and make something of it? 
I played Monday’s episode from NBC’s site.  It takes an hour to play 38 minutes of show, and NBC has the irritating habit of playing the same commercial (Botox) over and over.  But given today’s episode, maybe “No! No!”  would be the appropriate product (the company is aggressive enough on CNN and now some ABC stations).  Let Will demonstrate how to use it on Sonny, on camera. The effect might be more or less permanent.

Sonny is the most responsible character in the show (pun), it seems.  “Days” likes to make women into villains (even though most of the writers are women, I’m told).  Theresa (Jen Lilley) is just plain wicked.  “JJ” (Casey Moss)  is going down again, headed for prison, it looks.  He’s already given in to her blackmail, and nobody has a clue that she isn’t serious about AA.  Gabi has that big skeleton in her closet, too – and so does Will, but Will seems to have overcome it.  
One other idea: Let's have a cross with ABC's "Revenge".  Let Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) appear and interact with Will and Sonny - or Nick, when Nick comes back from the dead.
As for commercials, I wonder if NBC would consider "Titan Shelters" -- no pun on the largest moon of Saturn.  Would a "doomsday prepper" spot work on Days?

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