Thursday, December 19, 2013

Michael Buble's Christmas show on NBC seems a bit insipid compared to his car radio presence

The Candian singer Michael Buble sounds inviting when his songs play on Sirius XM “The Bland”, like “It’s a Beautiful Day”:

Yet NBC’s special “Michael Buble Christmas: Home for the Holidays” Wednesday night at 10 PM was so conventional and tame that it seemed insipid to me.  The network’s descriptive link is here.  Somehow, his characteristic voice does not leave the same impression on television as it does on car radio. The sets were pretty, but the ensemble playing sounded like the light entertainment from the 1950s that my mother used to like.  The pop music, with Christmas songs, was very low in intensity.  Buble (there’s a French accent over the last “e”) talked about being a dad.
It se ms that for songs to get onto the Blend, the words have to be very safe.  For example, I haven’t heard anything from “Modern Family” – and if you think about it, the lyrics are daring, to say the least. 

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