Monday, December 23, 2013

SNL: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon both look ripened for Christmas

Saturday Night Live’s Christmas party (well, there are several of them) at the regular time Saturday night hosted Jimmy Fallon, about to “move back East” with the Tonight Show on NBC, with Justin Timberlake as like a co-host this time.

Timberlake is not as perfect as he was at 19 or 20, and he has made his sacrifices (like ‘Alpha Dog” and “Southland Tales”).  This time, he and Fallon started out fully wrapped as Christmas presents.
Timberlake impersonated Fallon as a panelist in Celebrity Feud, while another SNL actor made a caricature of Ashron Kutcher aka Steve Jobs.
Then Fallon played talk show host Barry Gibb, and contrasted himself with Timblerlake, as “hairy” vs. “smooth”.  Timberlake has stepped down a bit from his part as Sean Parker in “Social Network”.
Fallon also paid tribute to McCartney, David Bowie (“The Man Who Fell to Earth”) and Bob Dylan, the last of who inspired Reid Ewing’s character (in a 20-year-old incarnation) in “Modern Family”.  Why not sing “Do Me” here.  Instead, it happened later.  Fallon plays an 18th Century gentleman, viewing himself as a ghost, being asked about having a chance to find someone by another ghost, when a big man with an open short invites him home because he has money.  All of this followed some comic adds, including one for boxer shorts (I forget the brand) showing a lot of male leg.
Timberlake got to sing solo twice, once with a laser light show.  I don’t think his music is as interesting as it was with ‘Nsync and “Popodyssey”.  He needs some competition.
Seth Meyers and Cecilia Strong did the usual ("Weekend Update"), inviting Michael Bloomberg to play himself.  "Duck Dynasty" became "Dork Dynasty".  This sort of comedy is hard to write.
There is a “Do It on My Own Twinbed” parody on Youtube of Justin and Jimmy:

I had imagined going to NYC this weekend to try to get into this, but last minute standby tickets are probably pretty hopeless for this one.

Here is the link. Good to see some gay comedy on this episode. 

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