Friday, January 24, 2014

ABC 20-20 covers inappropriate relationships from females with students; The View covers a man with Down Syndrome running a restaurant

ABC 20-20 tonight (segment called “Hot for Teacher”) chronicled a case in Houston where a female teacher set up an inappropriate relationship with a male middle school student, which she persisted in trying to continue even after apprehension.  Kathryn Murray was sentenced to one year in prison for carrying on the relationship at various places with an immigrant from Costa Rica, Jimmy Pallais, 15.
ABC 20-20 has a discussion of this case and seven other such scandals with female teachers here
Other cases include Colleps, where the defendant says that all students were over age of consent (17), a case involving football players, a case with a female (Lafave) and a 14 year old in Florida, Ragusa, also in Florida, Sullivan (also FL) and finally Letournau, who got pregnant with a 13 year old in Seattle.
It seems as though reports of teacher scandals (involving all gender combinations, but most often a male teacher and female student under legal age) have become more common since about 2006.  This is likely the result of increased media attention, especially from Chris Hansen’s NBC series “To Catch a Predator”, which has led the public and politicians to demand that school systems and police become more aggressive in apprehension and subsequent prosecution.
Earlier today, ABC’s “The View” presented a report where a  young man with Down Syndrome owns and runs a restaurant in Albuquerque NM called “Tim’s Place” and there is a game of counting hugs.  On a few occasions when I substitute-taught, I wound up in special education, and I was not aware that such level of accomplishment as possible.  However one person with Down Syndrome acted in a movie called “Girlfriend” (by Justin Lerner, reviewed on Movies blog, July 16, 2012). 
I’ve noticed that to play an episode of The View, one must sign on with a cable or telecomm provider logon.  This sounds like the beginning of “deals” that erode “network neutrality”.     

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