Saturday, January 18, 2014

ABC 20-20 tells a story of repeated carbon monoxide poisoning in two NC hotel rooms

ABC 2020 Friday reported a “real life” horror story, “Poison Hotel Room”.  At a Best Western (not company owned) hotel in Boone, NC, in the mountains (near Grandfather Mountain), where at least three families experienced deaths or comas in one particular room and the room above.


The cause was eventually determined to be carbon monoxide poisoning from a leaking gas plumbing vent below that had not been properly repaired.  The state had been slow in investigating the two “heart attacks” in the first death. 

The severity of the illness reported by a mother who survived is striking,  Suddenly, within seconds to a minute, she was struck with overwhelming nausea and then unable to move.  I was not aware that carbon monoxide poisoning is so sudden.
In the 1950s, a college student (the minister’s son) at my parents’ church died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his dorm room, in North Carolina.  

I have become ill in a motel room only once, in 1969, just before getting out of the Army, in Los Angeles for a job interview.  It was probably norovirus.  The interview was postponed for one day. 

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