Friday, January 10, 2014

ABC 20-20 "Underage and Under the Influence": accidental home invasion in VA leads to teen death

ABC 20-20 tonight aired “Underage and Under the Influence” to explore the unintended consequences of underage drinking.
In Loudoun County, VA, in March 2013, a 16 year old, grounded by his father, sneaked out to a party and drank. A friend , still sober, drove him home to the wrong house, off by two doors.  When the kid entered, the homeowner thought his home was being invaded and shot the intruder.  The boys’ parents claim that the teen, Caleb Gordley, was shot in the back when he was trying to leave and never threatened the family. The story is here.
Local station WJLA interviewed the Gordley family after the 20-20 broadcast.  The family’s view has changed after getting the details of the police report. 
No charges have been placed against the homeowner, but the Sheriff’s office did turn all details over to the Commonwealth Attorney.  In Virginia, prosecutions cannot be brought without very thorough police investigation first. 
Another segment claimed the stigma of a family in Maryville MO after a teenage girl was assaulted and left on the lawn.
The last segment showed the problem of teens inviting hundreds of people on social media to house parties which wind up with property damage and violence.  This has happened in LA, in Houston TX, and in upstate New York.  In the latter, the victim was former football player Brian Holloway, as covered on my main blog Sept. 22, 2013.  Ironically, the parents want to sue him for humiliating the kids online for what they did to his home when he wasn't home!

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