Thursday, January 16, 2014

ABC Nightline airs disturbing report on "White supremacy" advocacy re-emerging

ABC News “20-20” aired a disturbing report this evening, “The New Face of the White Supremacist Movement”, much of it about Towson State University (Md) graduate Matthew Heimbach and the advocacy of re-segregation. 
The link is here. The report, though labeled an ABC Special Report, was brief, about twenty minutes. 
At the moment, this report would be difficult to comment on extensively.  The video pretty much speaks for itself.  It is completely out of the mainstream of what seems acceptable social strategy in modern society, and seems to have no justification in reputable science.  I’ve taken up some of the underlying social issues, about inequality and the past, on may other blogs. It would be hard to rationalize some of the comments made on the report. The part about the "strange bedfellows" or allies was indeed weird.  
The Huffington Post has many stories, such as one like “’White Student Union’ defends shocking statements on slavery” but the story is more about segregation, link here.  The WSU was not recognized by the university.  Curiously, it’s blog talks about community activities.  It’s URL is here  and the reader has to judge for the self.
The worldview of all of this is definitely collectivist and anti-individualistic.  It seems pro-family in a patriarchal sense. It seems that in this worldview people believe that they have to "play ball" on one side or the other, and that the parameters of group welfare are simply matters of historical struggle (including "class warfare"), not personal choice and individual responsibility.     

Picture (unrelated): near Ellicott City, MD (mine) 

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