Friday, January 31, 2014

CNN: The Sixties, "The British Invasion", more than just the Beatles

Thursday night, CNN aired another two-hour film in its series “The Sixties”, this one called “The British Invasion”, with primary link here
The primary focus was on the Beatles, but many other groups were mentioned.
The film showed the cutting and packaging of vinyl records, which had become a high art before the sudden onset of digital CD’s in the 1980s.  Remember the world of surface noise, inner grove distortion, light tracking tone arms, and elliptical styli?

In popular music these concerns may not have been as paramount. 

I recall some of the songs that peppered the air when I was at graduate school at KU, like “Monday Monday” and “Walkin’ in the Sunshine”.  Later, when I was in the Army (1968) we would buff the barracks floors with “Simple Simon” playing. 

In the black and white footage, the Beatles look like well-dressed, conservative young men.

I seem to remember the popularity of "The Kingston Trio" in the early 60's when I was at NIH.

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