Saturday, January 25, 2014

Days: Not just Chandler, but Alison Sweeney will quit; no more Sami! But Blake Berris is back.

Well, nowhere but in Salem could a corpse show up at a baby’s christening. 

On Friday, January 14, 2014, on “Days of our Lives”, Blake Berris showed up as Nick Fallon, all cleaned up, and asked, “Am I interrupting something?”

Remember, in that scene where the three female musketeers showed him into the river, he seemed to swim away after the cold water woke him up.  Slowly, almost everyone in Salem (even Sonny and then Will) got on board into keeping the secret. 

Before the shocker, the eagerness of others to be godparents to Arianna (Will, Sonny and Gabi are the "modern family") is quite touching.  I haven't experienced that/

But there’s other news.  In supermarkets right now, you can find a Soap Opera Digest that reports that Alison Sweeney (who hosts NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”, which I will not watch) is quitting Days by the end of 2014.  And furthermore, her character Sami (or Samantha) won’t be recast. So either she gets knocked off, or gets sent away for life.

Remember how Days just suddenly wrote Shawn and Belle right out of the script about four years ago?
But Berris is back.  I really wonder where they will take this.  There may be time, as a hiatus for the Winter Olympics is coming up. We’ll soon see a plot thread that leads to Sami’s final demise.

I noted that Shawn Christian, who plays Dr. Jonas, had appeared in “Summerland”.  Days has also offered a lesson on computer security, as Stefano’s minions wiped out all record of the tests of Eric’s being drugged.  But it looks like there are plenty of witnesses now. 

It would be nice to see JJ (Casey Moss) turn out all right. Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) are going down the drain, but he is a key witness in busting the plot against Eric.  

Chandler Massey was let out of his contract early, so that Sonny’s marriage proposal could be made to the new actor, Guy Wilson.  Remember, the new Will’s first reaction was “Wow”.

Guy Wilson looks a little older (even though smooth) than Chandler, and doesn’t exactly carry the charisma of a young man who could get another man to raise his child and carry on his genes.  That’s right, Chandler Massey came across as a young alpha male, the next head of a lion pride. 
This whole mess of hiding the murder and then making his submissive marriage proposal seems to have suddenly cost Sonny his chest hair (although the shows were taped back in August).  Maybe the two needs to look like a real couple in bed.

Note: while Days often refers to places and highways in Ohio, Statesville (prison) is in North Carolina.  And there really is no Ohio Mafia.  There is no Stefano.  

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