Tuesday, January 28, 2014

President's State of the Union, GOP response, highlight personal stories, family responsibility, not just income inequality

President Obama gave a rather predictable address in his State if the Union message Tuesday night on all major networks.  I watched CNN’s coverage.

The president spoke about income inequality, and seemed to stress “European” solutions.  He mentioned the $10.10 minimum wage (where do the 10 cents come from?) and suggested that more must be done to prop the incomes (through tax credits) of families with children.  But then he flipped and said that more could be done for childless singles, which is logically incompatible with the former.  The discussion of help for families came in conjunction with the discussion of equal pay for women, who supposedly earn 77% of what men earn (in the same jobs?)

The president did mention the need to extend unemployment benefits. 
The president also told a story about a woman who got health insurance on Jan 1 and needed emergency surgery Jan. 4.  The Affordable Care Act, he said, protected her from bankruptcy.


Check Glenn Kessler's column in the Washington Post fact checking the speech, here.

Columnist Timothy B, Lee notes that Obama called for patent reform in his speech, here,  Note the accompanying story about licesning bitcoin opeations!

Cathryn McMorris Rodgers, R-WA, gave the GOP response.  She talked about “equal opportunity” instead of more equal incomes.  She also talked about her marriage and three children, the second of which has Down Syndrome. She said we need to learn to look at each person as an opportunity rather than as a potential failure because of the luck of the draw.  She could have mentioned the young man in New Mexico running a restaurant (Jan. 24) or acting in film (Movies blog, July 16, 2012). 
It was 17F on Capitol Hill when the address started, and light snow began during the address.

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