Friday, January 17, 2014

"Sole Survivor": CNN Film looks at the lone survivors of four plane crashes from 1985-2009

CNN aired its own film “Sole Survivor” on January 10 (2 hours, including commercials), not to be confused with the popular movie “Lone Survivor” (Movies, Jan. 13). 
The film comprises four stories of plane crashes, where only one person survived. They are listed here
Bahia Bakari, 13, survived for nine hours in a vest in the Indian Ocean after a 2009 crash on a flight from Yemen.
Cecilia Cichan, as a toddler, survived a crash at takeoff in Detroit of Northwest Airlines 255 on a flight header to Phoenix, in 1987.  The crash seems to have been caused by pilot error and a warning system failure.
Copilot Jim Polehinke lost a leg in a 2006 crash of Comair Flight 5191 from Lexinington, KY.  I used Comair once, in 1999, when making a three-way trip between Minneapolis, Charleston W Va and Washington (with changes in Cincinnati).  The crew had failed to check that the plane was on the proper runway.
George Lamson, Jr. is the only survivor of a crash in Reno NV in 1985 of a flight to Minneapolis on Galaxy Flight 203.  There seems to have been human error involved. Lamson and his father had changed seats. The film showed a lot of interviews with people in the Twin Cities.
I do recall hearing about a crash of a Delta flight at DFW in Dallas in 1985 as I drove to a health spa in Dallas, on the car radio.  The crash would turn out to have a subtle indirect effect on my life later.  

Note: :"TWA Flight 800" (the Epix Channel) is on my "cf" blog on Jan 4, 2014.

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