Thursday, February 20, 2014

Can East-coasters get Tonight Show Fallonvntion tickets? Will Jimmy use No-No?

Jimmy Fallon premiered on the NBC  Tonight Show, moved back to the Big Apple, on President’s Day. The show has been running for one hour starting right at midnight, EST.
It appears that if you want to go to it live, you have to go to a taping session at 5 PM many weekdays. (If you come by Amtrak, allow for delays.)  If you look at the calendar, the sessions for complimentary tickets are “sold out” for many days in advance, but the link is here.. No one person may attend more than once in any six month period.  I don’t know if it helps if you know one of the guests.
Here’s the site for Fallonventions, link
Fallon had a long receiving line Monday night, including Rudy Guliani, before settling down with Will Smith.
I’ve got to say that Seinfeld is starting to get older.

Bradley Cooper graced the show Wednesday night with his perfection. .
The set has a model of midtown Manhattan behind, and I wonder if it was made from Lego toys.

Brian Williams announced the show Monday night on NBC Nightly News, and oddly promised there would be a chest waxing session.  Hasn’t happened yet.  But remember what happened to Troy McClain on “The Apprentice” in 2004?  He made his sacrifice “for the team.” 

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